Dunbarton and WOW

In February of 2020, Dunbarton participated in Southeast WOW (Worlds of Work) for the first time, and it was a great experience. Southeast WOW is a 2-day event held at the Peanut Festival Fair Grounds for all 8th graders in the wiregrass area. The event gives 8th graders the chance to see the various industries in our area so they can hopefully become interested in a career path that enables them to stay here in the Wiregrass and work for some of the area employers.

The leaders of Southeast WOW recognized our employee LaRon Reaves and noticed how well he was interacting with the students, and decided to include him in their promotional video. LaRon’s story is unique because he is a great example of moving up within Dunbarton. LaRon began his employment with Dunbarton in March of 2006 as a machine operator. He has since progressed to an Engineering Specialist after expressing interest in moving up and obtaining his degree in drafting while working full time. LaRon is also a member of Dunbarton’s Emergency Response Team and has been chosen as Dunbarton’s employee of the month several times. The 2021 Southeast WOW event was canceled due to COVID, but Dunbarton is looking forward to participating again in 2022!

For more information on WOW (World of Work), visit their site: https://www.southeastwow.org

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