Thank you, David, for being a VVIP to Dunbarton!

David Hill was recently awarded the VVIP award for making 10 much-needed lance dies. David works in our maintenance department and has been with Dunbarton for 30 years this past October! We are thankful for his years of dedication to Dunbarton!

left to right: Ralph Linville – Maintenance Supervisor, David Hill – VVIP, Douglas Webb-CFO

Thank You for Making a Difference!

Pictured left to right: Courtney Couch, Lauren Ott

Courtney Couch and Lauren Ott in Customer Service were recently awarded the People Making a Difference Award. Regional Sales Rep Dee Spencer wrote, “I want to thank you two for the wonderful job you are doing. Last week, everywhere I went I heard nothing but compliment after compliment about how much they enjoy working with you and how much help you are to them. I know it’s rare to hear compliments from the field so I wasn’t going to let today end without telling you what a tremendous impact you are having on customers and what a big part you are in the success of Dunbarton. THANK YOU and keep up the good work!” Please reach out Courtney and Lauren and thank them for all their hard work and willing personalities!

Thank you for keeping us safe!

Recently we thanked the employees who have stepped up to help Dunbarton clean the break room and restrooms with a small token of our appreciation. Thank you, Brenda McDonald, Selena Kirkland, Al Stefin, Jerry Snellgrove, Ralph Linville, Shon Townsend, Telisa Vida, and Tate Coker. These people have gone above and beyond to make sure our common areas and machines/production equipment are sanitized and we appreciate them for doing this!

L to R: Tate Coker, Telisa Vida, Al Stefin, Ralph Linville, Jerry Snellgrove and Selena Kirkland.
Not pictured: Brenda McDonald, Shon Townsend.

People Making a Difference!

At Dunbarton, we know we have some of the best employees around! Britt McCarty is one of those People Making a Difference at Dunbarton! She was nominated for this honor by another employee. He stated, “I see each and every quote done in that territory. Britt does a fantastic job taking care of our customers each and every day. She is continuously meeting and exceeding customers’ deadlines on quote requests and consistently following up on pricing from vendors. Britt is extremely reliable. All technical questions are answered promptly. She is great at teamwork, and works with others very well. Britt is very professional & pleasure to work with, showing a willingness to take on extremely difficult quoted projects.” 

Thank you again Britt for being a People Making a Difference at Dunbarton!