Introducing, Bruce the Peanut

Being located in the peanut capital of the world comes with many advantages; one of those is boiled peanut season! Dothan loves to celebrate its love and gratitude for peanuts and one way is through the community and art project, Peanuts on Parade. The Peanuts on Parade project began in 2001 by the Downtown Group as a way to revitalize the downtown area. Currently, there are over 50 peanuts with a map for people to drive around town to visit each peanut and learn the idea/history behind that peanut.

At Dunbarton, we love being a part of our community and needed a solution that would give us a good footprint in our community! When we decided to have a peanut literally “put us on the map” we knew it needed to represent Dunbarton completely! We even had a contest among our employees to name him.

“Bruce the Peanut” is named for our original owner, Bruce Cochener. He is wearing Dunbarton’s signature blue polo while sporting safety glasses, safety earplugs, and holding on to a Dunbarton RediFrame. We think Bruce would be proud!

Thank you to the Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce for hosting the ribbon-cutting, Replica Plastics for making our idea come to life, Jay Marchman at Mid-City Farmers Market for the delicious boiled peanuts, and everyone that came out to support us as we introduced Bruce!

Community Solutions

Recently, Dunbarton was able to answer the call for a Community Solution by partnering with Wiregrass Public Safety Center. The Wiregrass Public Safety Center, located in Dothan, Alabama, is home to state-of-the-art training and recruiting facilities for police, fire, emergency medical personnel, and other first responders. With a significant emphasis on community engagement is at the core of the center’s mission and vision, Dunbarton is proud to partner with Wiregrass Public Safety Center with the donation of doors for their training.

Thank you, Public Safety Center, for allowing us to provide you with a solution to your training needs!

The video is from an explosive entry class that was held the first week of August. There were 16 agencies from 8 different states that attended. Dunbarton’s doors were instrumental in that training.

2nd Quarter Service Awards

We are so grateful for our employees and we love the opportunity to celebrate their milestones! This second quarter we have several employees that have been in the Dunbarton family for 5, 15, 20, and 30 years! We could not provide our customers’ with solutions and meet their needs without our employees and for that we say a heartfelt, Thank you for your dedication!

Donate to save a life!

We recently hosted a blood drive with Lifesouth Community Blood Centers. We had 14 prospective donors with 11 that were able to donate! When you consider that one blood donation can save up to three lives it is easy to see how donating blood can make a significant difference in someone’s life. One never knows when the life that is saved may be a member of your family, a friend, or a co-worker. Please consider donating when you see their red bus or call your local Lifesouth Community Blood Center.

Thank you to our employees that donated and attempted to donate! To learn more about Lifesouth visit their website, at

Thank you, David, for being a VVIP to Dunbarton!

David Hill was recently awarded the VVIP award for making 10 much-needed lance dies. David works in our maintenance department and has been with Dunbarton for 30 years this past October! We are thankful for his years of dedication to Dunbarton!

left to right: Ralph Linville – Maintenance Supervisor, David Hill – VVIP, Douglas Webb-CFO

Service Awards 2021 -First Quarter

At Dunbarton, we pride ourselves on finding solutions for our customers! One of the most essential ways we do this is through our employees. We are proud of the longevity of so many of our employees and celebrate their achievement. This quarter we celebrate eight employees who have been with Dunbarton for 5, 15, 20, and even 30 years! We are grateful for their knowledge and expertise these employees bring to their job performance. Thank you for your time at Dunbarton, and we look forward to many more years!

Dunbarton and WOW

In February of 2020, Dunbarton participated in Southeast WOW (Worlds of Work) for the first time, and it was a great experience. Southeast WOW is a 2-day event held at the Peanut Festival Fair Grounds for all 8th graders in the wiregrass area. The event gives 8th graders the chance to see the various industries in our area so they can hopefully become interested in a career path that enables them to stay here in the Wiregrass and work for some of the area employers.

The leaders of Southeast WOW recognized our employee LaRon Reaves and noticed how well he was interacting with the students, and decided to include him in their promotional video. LaRon’s story is unique because he is a great example of moving up within Dunbarton. LaRon began his employment with Dunbarton in March of 2006 as a machine operator. He has since progressed to an Engineering Specialist after expressing interest in moving up and obtaining his degree in drafting while working full time. LaRon is also a member of Dunbarton’s Emergency Response Team and has been chosen as Dunbarton’s employee of the month several times. The 2021 Southeast WOW event was canceled due to COVID, but Dunbarton is looking forward to participating again in 2022!

For more information on WOW (World of Work), visit their site:

Thank You for Making a Difference!

Pictured left to right: Courtney Couch, Lauren Ott

Courtney Couch and Lauren Ott in Customer Service were recently awarded the People Making a Difference Award. Regional Sales Rep Dee Spencer wrote, “I want to thank you two for the wonderful job you are doing. Last week, everywhere I went I heard nothing but compliment after compliment about how much they enjoy working with you and how much help you are to them. I know it’s rare to hear compliments from the field so I wasn’t going to let today end without telling you what a tremendous impact you are having on customers and what a big part you are in the success of Dunbarton. THANK YOU and keep up the good work!” Please reach out Courtney and Lauren and thank them for all their hard work and willing personalities!

We go the extra mile

            At Dunbarton, we pride ourselves on providing “Your Complete Opening Solution,” and sometimes that means taking extra steps necessary on unique projects, even if it’s only two doors.  

            A new customer account, Autovol, a modular builder from Boise, Idaho, needed two STC-Rated openings. Dunbarton had done some testing years ago with flush wood doors and Rediframe in conjunction with Masonite. Our Customer Service Director, Blake Seymour, and Northwest Regional Sales Director, Mark Haavisto, reviewed the request. Multiple vendors were contacted and quoted us the doors to meet the STC requirements. In the end, we worked with a local-to-Dothan, Alabama vendor to purchase the two STC labeled doors through Masonite. Our local driver, Terrence Nelson, then picked up the doors. Marsha Finney, one of our customer service technicians, worked diligently to locate the necessary special hardware to complete the architect’s requests, ensuring the automatic door bottom sweeps, weatherstripping, and threshold met their standards combined with STC requirments. 

            Once we had the doors on-site, the physical work began. Dunbarton is proud of the longevity of many of our employees and many of those employees were involved in this project! One such employee is Gary Strickland. Mr. Gary, aka BoyBaby,  began with Dunbarton on September 27, 1999. He is a paint technician and was responsible for hand spraying these doors along with Chance Zamora, aka Pokey Bear. Another long-time employee, Patsy Watkins, assembled the door units and hardware as well as packing to ship safely to the customer. Bill Bookman, quality control technician who has been with Dunbarton for over 20 years, oversaw the construction ensuring it met the quality standards of Dunbarton. Leonard Jackson, a Dunbarton employee of over 40 years and long-time supervisor, oversaw the entire project on the plant floor. There were so many hands involved for just two doors! But our customer had a problem, and we knew we could be the solution! We were able to provide everything our customer required for their opening. 

Note from our customer: We received our final order for Santa Maria today. I so much appreciate adding the two STC doors as well to this shipment. Please thank your team for such a smooth process. Your doors look great and met all of our expectations.