Dunbarton and the Independent Sales Rep Partnership

Over the past seven years with Dunbarton as a Regional Sales Manager, I have continued to learn new things each day within our ever-changing industry. One of the most important lessons that I have learned in my current role is the extreme importance of our strategic alignment with our external independent sales agencies. The ISR partnership is paramount to our successes or failures. It has led me to truly appreciate the critical role our independent sales agencies play within our organization and our industry.
Dunbarton continues to work directly with the best independent sales agencies across the county. Each agency focuses on being a valuable resource and a solution provider to our customers. Many of our sales agencies represent a variety of integral components to our customers that assist in completing the door opening. These many opportunities provide many valuable options to our customers.
We recently had a sales agency retire from the industry. I was able to experience firsthand how much daily interaction and product support our sales teams provide to our customers. Dunbarton’s extensive product lines, collaboration, communication, and day-to-day interaction are vital in supporting our customers in distributing our products. The number of touches from the project bid to complete installation typically spans over many months. Our sales teams provide technical support, feedback, and assistance throughout this complex process.

Mark Haavisto, Dunbarton Regional Sales Director, with ISR Scott Schelp, accepting the 2021 Commercial Vendor of the Year award from our customer, D&M Industries.

I am very proud to work with our incredible sales teams across the country. They do an outstanding job supporting Dunbarton and working directly with our customers and end-users. If you need a project quoted or a general product application question, I trust our teams will take care of any of your needs.

Best Regards,
Mark Haavisto
Dunbarton Regional Sales Director

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