We go the extra mile

            At Dunbarton, we pride ourselves on providing “Your Complete Opening Solution,” and sometimes that means taking extra steps necessary on unique projects, even if it’s only two doors.  

            A new customer account, Autovol, a modular builder from Boise, Idaho, needed two STC-Rated openings. Dunbarton had done some testing years ago with flush wood doors and Rediframe in conjunction with Masonite. Our Customer Service Director, Blake Seymour, and Northwest Regional Sales Director, Mark Haavisto, reviewed the request. Multiple vendors were contacted and quoted us the doors to meet the STC requirements. In the end, we worked with a local-to-Dothan, Alabama vendor to purchase the two STC labeled doors through Masonite. Our local driver, Terrence Nelson, then picked up the doors. Marsha Finney, one of our customer service technicians, worked diligently to locate the necessary special hardware to complete the architect’s requests, ensuring the automatic door bottom sweeps, weatherstripping, and threshold met their standards combined with STC requirments. 

            Once we had the doors on-site, the physical work began. Dunbarton is proud of the longevity of many of our employees and many of those employees were involved in this project! One such employee is Gary Strickland. Mr. Gary, aka BoyBaby,  began with Dunbarton on September 27, 1999. He is a paint technician and was responsible for hand spraying these doors along with Chance Zamora, aka Pokey Bear. Another long-time employee, Patsy Watkins, assembled the door units and hardware as well as packing to ship safely to the customer. Bill Bookman, quality control technician who has been with Dunbarton for over 20 years, oversaw the construction ensuring it met the quality standards of Dunbarton. Leonard Jackson, a Dunbarton employee of over 40 years and long-time supervisor, oversaw the entire project on the plant floor. There were so many hands involved for just two doors! But our customer had a problem, and we knew we could be the solution! We were able to provide everything our customer required for their opening. 

Note from our customer: We received our final order for Santa Maria today. I so much appreciate adding the two STC doors as well to this shipment. Please thank your team for such a smooth process. Your doors look great and met all of our expectations.

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